Provide Accurate Accountings Of Your Asset Management

Team up with our attorney for fiduciary accounting in St. Louis, MO

Fiduciary accounting is a report containing the activity within a trust, conservatorship or probate case during a specific period of time. They're essential to making sure everything is order, so you should rely on a fiduciary attorney to create your documents. The Law Offices of Thomas G. Glick, LLC can provide the thorough services you need. We help local clients in the St. Louis, MO area.

Don't leave important documentation up to just anyone

When it comes to your probate case, you can depend on our fiduciary attorney to:

  • Keep track of all the accounting
  • Ensure your will or trust has all the necessary details
  • Evaluate what goes to creditors, heirs, beneficiaries and other parties
We understand the importance of accurate fiduciary accounting to ease estate planning and probate matters, so you can trust us to take your accounting needs seriously. Schedule services with our attorney by calling 314-726-1500 now.