Introduction To The Clio Client Portal:

Thank you for being a client of the Law Office of Thomas G. Glick, LLC. I use a secure client portal (Clio Connect) in my law practice to improve your client experience and secure the data and information that we share.

I will be sharing items with you via Clio Connect for the duration of your case. Clio Connect is a secure portal where I'm able to share Documents, Calendar Events, Tasks, Bills, and Secure Messages. Use of the client portal (Clio Connect) has great advantages and I encourage you to use the portal as your case resource.

Advantages Of Using The Client Portal:

Enhancing Communication and Saving You Time. The portal puts all your case information in one place. Your appointments/court dates, important documents and to do lists are all in the portal. It saves everyone the time of piecing together emails, having to reach out for the information when you can't find it, and prevents any miscommunications from trying to give the information over the phone.

Protecting Your Information. The portal protects your sensitive data with bank grade security! Unsecure emails are exactly what hackers and identity thefts are looking for when searching for victims. Uploading files to your client portal allows us to share documents that contain sensitive information without

Keeping Your Legal Fees Affordable. Saving time, saves you money!

Creating Your Clio Connect Account

The first time I share something with you, you'll receive an email from Clio. In this email there is a link to set up your Clio Connect account.